Adopting a Rescue

All you need to know about adopting one of our rescues


If you’re interested in adoption, you will be required to complete an adoption application before being introduced to potential foster dogs.

It is recommended that an application be completed as soon as possible as we make it a point to “match” the dog to the best possible forever home.

The match depends on special considerations such as the dog’s history and experiences, compatibility with other pets, children, and special needs.

While we make every effort to work adoptions with perspective families on a first come, first served basis—we will always place a dog with its new family based on the “fit” or “match” between the dog and new the new home.


After the application is reviewed and we decide to move forward, an in-depth telephone discussion will occur with one or two Happy Tails Rescue representatives.

If the decision is made to move to the next step the representative will request permission to check your references.

We will then set  up a visit your home to ensure that a healthy environment exists for any dog potentially adopted from Happy Tails Rescue.

You will be asked to ensure that your family is in attendance at the home visit.

It’s important that your family be on hand so we can determine if there is a positive chemistry between the dog and all members of the dog’s potential new home.

Next Steps

Following this process – Happy Tails Rescue will advise you about next steps for adoption if all goes well and the rescue would like to proceed with the adoption with your family.

All new guardians adopting one of our foster dogs will be required to execute their application which states that they will absolutely return the dog to our rescue should things not work out or the adopting party has a change of heart.

This executed document is required at the time of adoption along with the full adoption fee. Please note that adoption fees are non-negotiable.

Happy Tails Rescue will always accept a dog back into our rescue and insist all parties agree to this arrangement.


Additionally, Happy Tails Rescue will make its volunteers and members available to you following an adoption. We will answer questions and give advice as everyone settles into a new routine and environment.

We always look forward to receiving updates, pictures and stories from families that have adopted from us and like to post success stories on our website.

Sharing these wonderful stories encourages others who may be considering adopting a rescued dog from Happy Tails Rescue.

Please view our dogs up for adoption, and if one of them interests you, use our online form to contact us.

Adoption FAQs