Donate to Happy Tails Rescue

Every dollar counts.

We need your help!

We have brought many a dog back from the brink—and we simply could not do this without your much needed support!

Adoption fees do not cover the cost of care for even one dog—which means we run in a negative deficit most of the time.

Much of our expense is on vet bills. All of our dogs are either spayed or neutered, get all their shots, have any necessary dental work, and are treated for any medical conditions.

Secure Online Donation

So we ask you to please consider making a donation—no matter how small—to help defer the cost of our ever mounting vet bills.

You can send a donation online at our secure, GoFundMe Page.

We feel like we are always putting our hands out. However, we have only been able to continue, due to your much needed support.

Where your donation goes

Your complete donation goes towards the care of a rescued pet.

Since each person working at Happy Tails Rescue is a volunteer, donations do not go toward administration costs or salaries.

Everyone who donates is a blessing for us and we could not run this rescue without your much needed support.

For any help you can offer, we truly thank you!