Fostering a Rescue

If you can't adopt, have you considered fostering?

Do I need special skills?

Happy Tails Rescue is always in need of foster volunteers. You don’t need any special skills but if you have some, that’s great!

Volunteers help out in many ways: fostering (offering a home to a dog until s/he is adopted); conducting home visits; transporting dogs; and helping out at events—among other things. As you become more experienced, you may offer guidance to new adopters.

It’s an added bonus for us if you can bake for some of our events—where we sell the goods to raise funds. You can help with any, or all of these things, whatever your interest is.

Our volunteers are screened under much the same process as our applications to adopt.

How do I foster?

When you offer your home to a foster dog, you help prepare a dog to be ready for adoption.

Plus, you have the opportunity to meet some really great people along the way!

Some dogs are ready for adoption and you need only offer them love while you foster them.

Others are not quite ready and need some TLC to adjust to a good life—before being ready to move to their forever home.

We are often asked “How can I foster? I may get attached!” Yes, you will likely get attached! But along the way, You help save a soul and you receive unconditional love in return. To that we say: “How can you not foster?”

How can I help?

If you’re unable to become a foster, consider volunteering your time on events or donating crafts for sale at events.

If you can’t volunteer—consider donating.

If you can’t donate—consider networking and educating others.

Tax Free Donations!

All of the above, make our rescue whole. And remember that donations receive a tax receipt! Thanks for your consideration.

If you believe you are interested in fostering or have any questions about volunteering, donating, or any other matter, please use the online form on our contact page.