I believe that he has fully adjusted to our family and is doing great. He is comfortable with both Joanna and myself. He responds to both of us and plays well – likes to chase the ball down the hallways and bring them back. Our three boys are eating from one bowl sometimes – they stand in line and take turns between mouth fulls – it looks quite funny.

All three Misiu, Kaytek and Benji have been playing together nicely. Benji’s aggression has completely subsided. We do not see the teeth blaring out at us anymore. Kaytek and Benji seem to like to wrestle and what we call dancing frequently – lots of talking but no biting.

We were a little reluctant (more me than Joanna) to take on a rescue – will he be over aggressive, will he get along with our other boys just a ton of doubts (again many more from me than Joanna).

Now that we are a few months in – I am glad to have accepted and gave into Joanna’s suggestion.

Benji has a sweet and playful disposition – once it was allowed to come out and feel free. I honestly cannot fathom why anyone would label him as aggressive and give him away – tossing him away like trash. After what he has been through in his short life – he still can be – and is – a wonderful and kind dog. Benji is a great dog!

Thank you and Happy Tails Rescue for doing such a noble and great deed for all of these unfortunate dogs!

We truly hope that all of these four legged friends find wonderful home.

Richard & Joanna


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April 18, 2015