It’s with a heavy heart that we have to announce that Bucky passed away yesterday, October 15, 2013. Bucky had been with Judi for over a year after his former owners, due to their own health issues, couldn’t look after him any longer.

Bucky had extreme, chronic skin allergies and his former owners had taken him to the best specialists only to find there was nothing that could cure him and only to try to keep him comfortable. Bucky did do very well this past year with is hair growing back and looked healthy and happy.

Unfortunately, within the last 2-3 weeks he started going downhill very fast. His allergies went into overdrive and even with repeated baths he would become yeasty, and oily with his hair falling out, and skin turning black in spots. He went from 9+ kgs to just under over 6 kgs even though he was still eating a lot (the boy loved his food).

Last week it was noticed that his right eye was sore looking and Judi took him to the vet. The vet noticed an ulcer which is caused by something scratching the eye. Bucky was not a fighter so I figure it must have got scratched outside as he would rub is face on any surface to stop the itching on his skin. To have the ulcer heal, he had to go of the Prednisone that he needed for his skin condition and have drops put in 6 times a day…with pain killers and other drops, and meds. Bobbie, another Happy Tails foster Mom, took him in for four days while Judi was at work, and gave him the TLC he needed. Buckys’ eyes seemed to get worse and Bobbie was bathing him but nothing helped him…he was now keeping his eyes shut and walking into walls and very lethargic. On top of this, where he could scratch, he was making it bleed.

Judi took him to the vet as his eyes, both of them, had turned white and a gel around them, and his skin was actually crawling from the nerves. The poor little guy was so sorry looking. The vet that saw him is the same vet that his former owners went to and she knew Bucky’s case very well, as his allergies are such an extreme case. The Dr. looked at his poor eyes and said it looked like Glaucoma which is very painful and that would be why he was scrunching his eyes closed; his skin was inflamed to the point that the heat coming off it and the redness was horrible, and the quick weight loss was no doubt due to the long use of Prednisone causing one of the organs to shut down (we knew the drug would shorten his life but he wouldn’t have been able to live with the allergies without it at all). The Dr. said what I figured she would say, that Bucky was in so much pain and discomfort and nothing else could be done, he just had too much going on that was hurting him.

The decision was made then, to let him go and set him free of the horrible little body got stuck with. The vet turned the lights down for his eyes and I held him and told him I loved him while he left us.

Bucky was a wonderful, loving, smart little guy that had the bad luck of having two champion ShihTzus as his parents and being too high bred. I will never forget my little Bucky who could tell 5pm dinner time, better than anyone, and you better get his dinner ready or he’d bark at you until you would.

Bucky did lots of things while with Judi – he spent two days at WoofStock being adored by people, two days at Ridgeway days. He was our ambassador at fundraisers at Glendale Pet Valu, one at Welland Pet Food Outlet, Windsor Moose Lodge pasta dinner, and just out for walks or car rides. So many people had an interest in Bucky but his medical issues were just too much for people to want to take on. Bucky was loved Judi as his foster Mom and her home which became his home; where he had his favourite bed in the living room and slept on the bed with me and others at night.

Bucky was loved and we will miss him for a long time.

Our thoughts go out to Judi who cared for Bucky in ways which not many people would. He was loved, and was in as much comfort in his time with her, as she could possibly get him.


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March 30, 2015