Charlie (Lucky)

Charlie has been in his new home a little over a year and neither him, nor his owner can imagine life without the other!

He is doing great, still loves balls and has a collection of at leasat 50! He is spoiled rotten and loving it!

Charlie is an adorable little shih tzu / poodle who was just over a year and a half years old when I adopted him from Happy Tails Rescue.

He had been surrendered by his previous owner who simply did not have enough time for him and therefore was in need of some TLC which my family has been more than happy to give him. I was told when I adopted him that he was quite the little cuddle bug and boy were they right; he snuggles every chance he gets and that’s ok by me! He also has a great personality and LOVES to play with balls.

Since coming to his fur-ever home he has invented many interesting games, all of which involve his favourite yellow ball (which came with him from his foster home!)

Adopting through Happy Tails Rescue was a great experience for my family. When I saw Charlie’s picture on PetFinder I just knew he was the doggie for us (I think it was the all-knowing little sideways glances he gives!).

I immediately sent them an email inquiring about how we start the adoption process. The response from the Happy Tails Team was so quick, and within a couple of weeks Charlie’s adoption had been finalized and he was able to come meet us at his fur-ever home in London (they drove him all the way from Hamilton Ontario to London Ontario for us – over an hour’s drive!).

When Charlie got to our house his foster parents stayed to ensure he was ok and met the family. They brought all his toys with him, and even brought their dog who was friends with Charlie to help him with the drive and the transition. Very sweet!

They also provided us with records of all Charlie’s vet visits and records of immunization. His foster mom even checks in to see how he’s doing; definitely a group of caring people who are making a difference in the lives of the dogs they help (not to mention the families who are lucky enough to get the dogs).

Charlie has now settled in at his fur-ever home and might even be a tad bit spoiled. I think since getting him I have been personally responsible for keeping PetSmart in business. But Charlie is so worth it all. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and is loved more than words could ever express.

Thank you Happy Tails for bringing me and my fur-baby together. I will be forever grateful for all of your services and help along the way!

Leanne & Charlie


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March 9, 2015