A wonderful article from dogster.com on our Rescue, including our mascot Fuzzi who has sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Imagine falling terribly sick and then being abandoned to die alone. That’s what happened back in 2005 for a Bichon Frise battling an aggressive form of cancer who was surrendered to a shelter in Toronto, Canada.

The little dog was thought to be about 10 years old, but was likely much younger and had suffered from years of overbreeding before being dumped at the shelter. Cancerous mammary tumours were taking over her body, and it was believed that she didn’t have much longer to live.

Taken with the fluffy white dog’s endearing personality, the shelter staff decided to find a way for her to finish her days in a loving home and not alone in a shelter cage.

The sweet but sick Bichon was taken in by foster mom Judianne Keep from Happy Tails Rescue, a registered nonprofit group in southern Ontario for small non-shedding, hypoallergenic breeds — principally, the Bichon Frise and Maltese.

Happy Tails is a very small rescue group with two volunteer directors helping President Carol Thorpe. This team of dedicated women work with a handful of foster families throughout southern Ontario to save and rehome small dogs.

In Keep’s care, the sick Bichon—now named Fuzzi—began to thrive. Completely won over by her vivacious character, Keep decided to adopt Fuzzi and take on all her medical expenses.

Fuzzi’s sweet nature and determined spirit inspired Happy Tails Rescue to name her as their mascot and dog ambassador.


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April 6, 2015