Huny (Heaven/Missy)

After more than eight months of living in her forever home, Huny (former names Heaven / Missy) is still adjusting to her new world away from the horrid conditions of the puppy mill in which she was held captive.

From her too-small cage she could only imagine what it would be like to run and frolic as all dogs must do.

It was so sad to realize she came to us with no concept of pack mentality as a result of the living conditions she was forced to endure for her five or so years of life. Still reserved and watchful, she continues to be fearful of men looming over her and of large hands reaching toward her.

Overall however, she has made great strides in learning to be comfortable in her new home.

She is quiet, quick and eager to learn and is constantly seeking approval.

She learns commands easily and makes us hoot with laughter seeing her hopping on hind legs around the kitchen for chunks of cheese, which quickly became her favourite treat!

One look at this cuddly puddle of fluff and mere humans fall in love with her. She is gorgeous, kind, loving and generous and we just can’t imagine life without our Huny in it!

Garnet, Barb, & Huny


Posted on

March 9, 2015