Just wanted to update you on Jonas as he is about to spend his first Christmas with his new family in Wasaga Beach.

Jonas is doing very well. When he came to us he was 18.4 lbs. As of his check-up at the end of October he was down to 17.6 lbs. The vet is very pleased with him.

Jonas has settled in nicely and he is truly a very laid back dog. He is very much a mommy’s boy. He is an excellent brother for Daisy. They get along extremely well. There has never been any jealousy with either dog.

He is great with the grandchildren and they all love him. He is sometimes a little stubborn about coming back in the house from the yard when I have been out with him. However, he always comes in for my husband!

I have attached a photo of Jonas and Daisy posing by the Christmas tree. I put the hat on Jonas and told him to stay and he just sat there and waited until we were finished.

Daisy took a few seconds to settle down but when she saw Jonas sitting patiently she decided that she could do it too.

All the best in the New Year



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March 9, 2015