My beautiful boy passed away cuddled in my arms on Tuesday Oct. 8, 2013.

He had stopped eating 6 days before,very tired, but still wanted walks. He then seemed especially ill on the last night of his life, and likely in pain. After 4 visits to my vet since Thursday, Oct.3. we made a trip to the TorontoVEC on Tuesday Oct. 8, at my vet’s recommendation, as he was in big trouble.There we discovered he was much sicker than my vet had thought, and revised the earlier diagnosis of IMHA.. HeĀ  had a liver 130% big, that was full of cancer and dying tissues. He was likely starting to experience sepsis 6 days before.

As soon as I heard this, I asked that he receive morphine that minute. His last hour was beautiful. He was cuddled in a blanket in my arms and in the arms of my sister, who was as close to him as I was. He adored her and clearly knew he was with both of us. With us, his breathing would slow, and his eyes would half close as we rubbed his little chest. We were able to gently end his life in this favourite position of his, without him leaving my arms.

When I adopted Mikey on Dec. 6, 2009, I promised Mikey and his foster Mom that he would always feel safe and loved. It was a sacred trust and an an easy promise to keep.

I had 1397 days with Mikey and they were all good days.

I cannot thank Happy Tails Rescue enough (Judianne and Carol) for saving him , transporting him from the US to Canada, fostering him in their home, and giving him a major leg operation.

They brought one of the great loves of my life to me.

Forever grateful,



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April 6, 2015