You came into my life
When my world was filled with strife,
You were the timid and shy one
Afraid of everything and everyone.
I often wondered what happened to you
But none of us ever really knew.

It took so long for you to trust in me
Never wanting to be held or sit on my knee.
Time, patience, love, and kindness
Finally dissipated distrust and shyness
As we cuddled together every night
Your big beautiful eyes showed contentment and delight.

Princess, my “Number Two” eyes of blue,
You became my “Number One” dog true and true,
Keeping me company giving me lots to do
But your time finally came and now we have to say “Adieu”.
I will miss you and love you forever, my precious one
As you sleep soundly by the roses in the sun.


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April 6, 2015