Happy Tails Rescue - Rainbow Bridge

Sparky and his sister Princess (formerly Chloe) came into my life in the spring of 2010 when Carol asked if I could temporarily foster the dogs surrendered by their previous owners. It was a sad time in my life as several months prior; my mother suffering with dementia was admitted to hospital and her dog Lucky who I loved and was taking care of passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Therefore, I was only too happy to help Carol and myself by agreeing to temporarily foster both dogs.

Within a week or two I found myself falling in love with both dogs. Sparky for a 13 year old dog was full of vim and vigour running around the yard chasing the chipmunks and squirrels with Princess following behind. I was amazed at how quickly he connected with me and I with him. We seemed to read each other so well. A few months later Carol informed me that someone was interested in adopting the dogs. My heart sank. I couldn’t give them up. Although Sparky had a lot of medical issues and was 13 years old I couldn’t let someone else take him. No… he was mine. I decided to adopt him and Princess and give them the love they so dearly deserved.

Last November, Sparky went into congestive heart failure. Thankfully, Dr. W. saved his life with medications. Sparky and I had another year together. It was a happy year. Unfortunately due to his age (16 years), the medications had a negative effect on his kidneys. On October 18, 2013 he crossed over the rainbow bridge. He was a very special dog. Princess, and I miss him terribly.

Thanks Carol and Judianne of Happy Tails Rescue for all of the great work you do rescuing the ‘innocents’ that are not wanted, abused, and abandoned. I wish I had the strength that you have.



Goodbye My Sparky Boy

Sparky you will be in my memories every single day
I will always remember how at my feet you did lay

You would excitedly greet me at the door
I cannot believe that I will not cuddle or see you any more

In the garden you would run around and play
Now by the Twisty Robina forever you will lay

I loved you, took care of you, as your mother, and your nurse
But I could see you were no longer happy and getting worse

So I reluctantly and painfully did what I knew was best
Gave you deserved dignity and a peaceful rest

Even though my dearest I did this only for you
It was the hardest thing I ever had to do

Sleep peacefully my sweet, sweet friend
I hope that someday we will meet again


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April 6, 2015