Zeke and I rescued each-other seven years ago.  I was a newly separated woman who had just moved to Toronto. With no friends in the big city and my beloved golden retriever recently passed, I was looking for a special someone to love. Zeke came from Calgary and visited with Carol while I was being interviewed to see if I would be a suitable “forever” mom. Zeke wasn’t quite ready for adoption but it was love at first sight. Even though he had a few “housebroken” issues I insisted we would be perfect for each-other.

Zeke and I had a wonderful life. Daily walks along Queen’s Quay, new friends (both human and fluffy four footed) and lots of hugs and kisses. He was quite a guy and I had to be a bit careful since he had a mischievous streak.  He chewed through 2 blackberrys, undergarments, my sister’s gum and an odd assortment of other things. The lesson was for me not to leave things lying around. Zeke reluctantly posed in his Halloween costumes for the neighborhood costume contest and was a pumpkin, lobster and biker. He was also a huge Jays fan! We will always cherish those memories.

Four years ago Zeke met his best friend, Bob. Bob fell in love with Zeke and I and soon we were a perfect family. Zeke had the love of our four adult kids, our grandchildren, neighbours and friends. This last picture with Bob was taken 6 weeks before Zeke crossed the rainbow bridge due to complications of Cushing’s disease.

Janet, and Bob


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April 6, 2015